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How to Properly Cater a Wedding Ceremony

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Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. It’s the day you leave the world of being only one person to become a couple, a family. When you are in the process of planning your wedding, there are many decisions that need to be made; from the dress to the wedding favors, and everything in between.

One of the biggest expenses associated with a wedding is the catering and decorating. You can opt to hire a professional to handle all of this for you, but that usually comes with a big price tag. Instead, you may choose to go for the do-it-yourself route and cater and decorate your own wedding.

Develop a Strategy

Before you even start to think about what you want to serve for food, or even what type of decorations you want at your wedding, you want to plan a strategy ahead of time. Ensure you have the help of extra hands, because remember, it is your wedding day, you are going to need the help of friends and family to get the job done right.

After you got your team together, think about what you want to serve for food, and what type of decorations you want to include.

The Food

The food is one of the biggest things that many guests come to a wedding for. If you are catering your own wedding, one way to save money is to make it a potluck reception. This is when you ask friends and family members to bring a certain food dish to your reception and serve it there. This will allow everyone the option to feel as if they played an important role on such a big day. It will also allow you to save a great deal of money by hiring a professional caterer.

The Decorations

Creating your own decorations can be a fun and exciting way to extend the feeling of love and excitement that leads up to your wedding day. The first thing that many guests see upon entering a wedding ceremony is the decorations, so make it count. Remember to include a guest book for your guests to sign. You can choose to go the creative route and double your guest book as home décor after your wedding is over. Many people are opting to have a tree framed and have their guests place their painted thumb print on as leaves to the tree. This gives you a unique and memorable picture when your wedding day has gone by. Another option is to have wooden signs of the bride and grooms initials and have your guests sign them. Don’t forget the table décor with added personalized wedding favors to give your guests a little memento to take home.

Because your wedding day is a day you will always remember, it’s important to make it as memorable as possible. Catering your own wedding can be fun and exciting when you develop a strategy and plan ahead of time. Remember to include buffers for the possibility of something going wrong so you are not thrown off track on the big day.