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Vintage Traditions for the Modern Wedding [Infographic]

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There are many interesting facts about weddings that many people are unaware of. There are old traditions and new traditions for brides to be. Something old represents a community link between the bride and her family. Just because her maiden name will soon be changing does not mean she will lose her identity and family history. A vintage garter, your grandmas veil, a locket with a family portrait, old pictures of the bride and groom, or a vintage family brooch are all examples of old traditions.

Something new represents the future of the new bride and groom. It represents new beginnings and living together forever happily married. Something new can be a weeding dress, new makeup, new shoes, your cousins favorite lipstick, the earrings your mother wore on her wedding, your mothers pears, or your grandparents bible.

Unfortunately all this sounds nice, but costs approximately $27,021 to have a decent wedding. There are many costs that go into account and the number of guests also plays a major role. Annually, there are 2.5 million weddings with a total spend over 70 billion dollars. Catering costs are relatively inexpensive, but the venue is pricy. Make sure you pick out a venue ahead of time as they tend to fill up quickly especially in the summer time. Below is a nice infogrphic summarizing everything.

Vintage Traditions for the Modern Wedding

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The big day has arrived. You’ve scanned the to-do list a thousand times over, and all the pertinent details have been proudly checked off. Nonetheless, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re forgetting something. Something simple, yet sacred…something along the lines of…old and new…and borrowed and blue! The Eureka! moment finally strikes. You rustle up some of nan-nan’s pearls, slip on a new slip, borrow mom’s bangles and paint the toenails a glossy, baby blue. Now you’re finally ready. Let the ceremony begin!

Even in the year 2013, bethroned women alike continue to preserve this oldie-but-goodie wedding tradition. Yet the question of why remains a mystery to most, so here’s to debunking tradition!

The phrase is an excerpt from an old English rhyme, often abbreviated to the “4 Somethings,” despite the original version that recites a mostly-discarded final line: “Something olde/Something new/Something borrowed/Something blue/And a silver sixpence in her shoe.”

Interpretation Breakdown

“Something Old” represents the continual bond that will remain between the bride and her family. In light of the bride-to-be’s pending change of surname, “Something Old” aims to preserves her maiden identity – hence the incorporation of a traditional family heirloom on a woman’s wedding day.

“Something New” symbolizes the new union created between bride and groom. “Something New” denotes the new beginning/new course of life as husband and wife.

“Something Borrowed” signifies the everlasting support that friends and family will provide to the new couple. This phrase loosely represents the acquired (“borrowed”) support of loved ones during the new chapter of spousal commitment.

Though we generally associate ‘white’ as the clean-slate color, “Something Blue” is symbolic of purity, loyalty, faithfulness, interminable love and fidelity in the new marriage.

The “sixpence in your shoe” is a wish for good fortune and prosperity throughout the marriage, but it is mainly a British idiom. Hmm…what could substitute as the American equivalent!?

Despite what your crazy aunt Shirley warned you against over her third G&T, a black cloud will not be cast over your years of wedded bliss if you opt to stray from convention (though good luck charms certainly can’t hurt!). The point is not to fret over these items — they are meant to be tokens of tradition, not a mean ole’ marriage hex!

“Something Old” Examples

vintage garter
locket with family pictures
vintage family brooch
your grandmother’s wedding veil
early, dating photos of the engaged couple

“Something New” Examples

your new wedding gown
brand new makeup
the perfect new shoes
freshly picked flowers
the key to your new house
your new initials monogrammed on a necklace/handkerchief

“Something Borrowed” Examples

  • special family recipe
  • sister’s wedding shoes
  • your mother’s wedding jewelery
  • a cousin’s favorite lipstick
  • your grandparents’ Bible for the ceremony
  • your mother’s pearls

“Something Blue” Examples

  • blue flowers
  • blue nail polish
  • blue shoes
  • blue garter
  • blue stitching
  • blue jewelry

…or you’re really into the idea, your bridal party can all sport “blue!”

Wedding Bells, Whistles and Statistics

A recent, nationwide survey showed that the average cost of a wedding (excluding a honeymoon) is $27,021! Each year in the US, there are approximately 2.5 million weddings and more than $70 billion worth of wedding expenditures.

The following data is a breakdown of the national average amount spent by brides (per individual wedding vendor):

  • Reception Venue: $12,116
  • Engagement Ring: $5,130
  • Reception Band: $3,122
  • Photographer: $2,299
  • Ceremony Site: $1,599
  • Wedding Gown: $1,121
  • Florist/Decor: $1,894
  • Videographer: $1,486
  • Wedding Planner: $1,753
  • Rehearsal Dinner: $1,078
  • Reception DJ: $929
  • Transportation: $669
  • Ceremony Musicians: $536
  • Wedding Cake: $535
  • Invitations: $331
  • Favors: $217
  • Catering (cost per head): $61

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