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February 13th 2014, Castle Catering is joining with Stonefire Grill Restaurants to produce a wonderful Valentines experience for post deployment Veterans and their spouses.

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Often after a deployment some Veterans face challenges re-establishing family relations. Castle Catering, Stonefire Grill and other selected restaurants have come together to help with this transition by highlighting the day meant for special relationships…Valentines Day.

Here is how you can participate in this wonderful event:

We are asking all who read this to send a “Valentine’s Day Thank You card” to a Soldier and Spouse to be opened by one of our participating Soldiers the night of this event. You can thank one of these Heroes personally through such a card.

If you choose to help, we are asking two things…neither of which is required, but if the spirit moves you, feel free to participate.

1) Forward this request to your contacts to give them the option to participate and let’s see how many cards we can have our veterans open the night of this event.

2) If you wish, include a check for $10 or $20 or any amount made payable to “The Wounded Warriors Project”.

The donations to WWP is certainly not required so don’t feel obligated. The card and you forwarding this info to your contacts is the primary effort.

Last year with only 10 days notice we received several hundred cards and raised $3,000 for the Wounded Warriors Project. We would love to enhance these results this year and have our participating Veterans hear and read Thank You cards from as many supporters as possible.

Send cards to this address:
A Soldier and Spouse
c/o Castle Catering
50 E. Green St. Suite 105
Pasadena, CAlif. 91105

Thank you for your interest and support for our Special Valentines Day Event.