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Your Wedding Handbook

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Get Organized

Plan your leave from work

Apply for leave work as much in advance as possible. Complete all pending tasks and divide the workload between cooperative co – worker. ìThis way you can get up to speed real quick when you return from your blessed out honeymoon.

Delegate small wedding day tasks

Delegate duties in advance; get a couple of close friends to be by your side during the ceremony to calm your nerves and handle the gifts, some relatives (in rotation) to greet guests at the entrance, someone with a list of all vendor contact information.

Have a chat with your photographer

Decide the theme you want for the marriage pictures and give the photographer a list of moments you want captured.

Put your best friend in charge

On your big wedding day, The last thing you want to tackle is calls from people asking for directions to the venue or someone who wants to know what time the wedding start. Hand over your mobile phone to your best friend and let her field all calls. Also give her a small bag of just in case items; lip gloss, tissues (tones of them), deodorant, mint, an extra pair of (older, more comfy) sandals and a list of your vendors phone numbers.

Pack your accessories and wedding night bag

Pack a bag with all the accessories you will require to get dressed on the wedding day. This includes jewellery, makeup, hairpins, safety pins, undergarments. Leave this bag next to your wedding dress along with your bag of just in case items. Also, pack a small bag to carry with you to the hotel for the wedding night. This bag should have everything you will need. Besides lingerie, make sure to pack a change of clothes for the next morning, your cosmetics pouch and a midnight snack (since no one seems to eat at their own wedding!)

Stop worrying 24 hours before the ceremony

It does not matter if the flowers on the stage decoration are different from the ones you chose, or the caterer is running late ñ your job as event planner stops the day before the wedding. After that, you need to hand over your duties to others. Focus on the here and now, on your beautiful wedding and make sure that every happy moment I engrained in your memory forever.

Gather Memories

Make a DVD of the days leading up to the wedding

What I am sure I will continue to find truly endearing and entertaining in the years to come is the DVD of my wedding preparation from the strange practices to the makeup trails to some heartfelt moments with my family. Maybe you can include messages from your close friends and family as well.

Write out Thank you notes

A lot of people have worked tirelessly, spent lots of money and treated you like a princess in the weeks leading up to your big day. Make some time to write personalized cards for all of them and give it to each one before the wedding ceremonies begin.

Look And Feel Your Best

Oodles of pampering

This is perhaps one of the most essential and enjoyable parts of your pre-wedding routine. Book appointments at least 10 days in advance for your pre-wedding beauty regimen, preferably at a spa you frequent. Make sure to include a stress relieving massage to soothe those nerves.

Break in your high heels

Have a brand new pair (or three) for the various wedding functions? Break into them a couple of weeks in advance so youíre not stuck with nasty shoe bities.

Get lots of sleep the night before

No matter what beauty regiment you go through in the days before your wedding, unless you are well rested on the night before the big day, you will neither look nor feel your best. The last thing you need is a headache putting a damper on your mood. So the evening before your wedding should be a quite one spend quality time with your family, eat a healthy meal and get at least eight hour of sound sleep. Eat something and use the washroom before the ceremony. You have got a long day ahead of you. Grab a healthy snack before you put on your makeup and use the washroom right before you head out to the mandapî

Hug your BFFs

Have a moment with your closest friends. This is a very emotional moment for your girlfriends. Grab them in a group hug and let them know you love them. A moment with just you and the girls will help calm your nerves.

Focus on your husband-to-be

If, in spite of your best efforts, things get too chaotic, try this trick. Every bride will have a moment of nerves, no matter how perfect everything around her is. Itís human nature. When this happened turned complete focus on my handsome fiancÈ and on the beautiful life we were about to embark upon together. My mind instantly quietened down and I had a lovely smile on my face that made me look even more fabulous in the pictures. Maybe you could even give his friend a note to slip to your fiance right before the ceremony. This could pep things up a bit for the two of you and help ease the stress too!