Magic Castle Hollywood in Los Angeles.


Los Angeles, the city of dreams and Hollywood stars, is famous for its variety of entertainment and unusual places that attract tourists from all over the world. However, among all the attractions of this metropolis, there is a place that attracts special attention – it is the Magic Castle.

History of Magic Castle

Magic Castle is an exclusive membership club and a unique place in the world of magic and illusion. It was founded in 1963 by the not-so-famous magician Lenny Britton and is a meeting and performance venue for professional magicians and magic enthusiasts.

Magic Castle Club

Magic Castle, hidden behind the doors of an unusual mansion in Hollywood, is a secret place accessible only to members and their guests. To enter the castle, you must receive an invitation from a member or make reservations for shows at the club’s restaurant and bar.

Backstage secrets and amazing performances

Magic Castle is famous for its multi-faceted shows presented on various stages and in the club’s halls. Here you can enjoy thrilling performances by the world’s leading magicians and illusionists. Magicians, mastering the art of mysticism and amazement, create incredible performances, transporting the audience into the world of magic and mystery.

Unique interior and d├ęcor

Magic Castle is not only a performance venue, but an art object in itself. Its interior is created in the style of an old castle, with decorative elements, antique furniture and many secret passages and rooms. The castle surprises its visitors with its unusual details, creating an atmosphere of magic and enchantment.

Membership and exclusivity

Being a member of Magic Castle is an exceptional opportunity to enter the world of magic that envelops this mysterious castle. Here, among colleagues and fans of the art of magic, people make new friends and like-minded people, share knowledge and skills, and marvel at the illusions created by magicians.

Journey into magic

For all lovers of magic and unusual adventures, Magic Castle is a true treasure in the heart of Hollywood. A visit to this magical castle will allow you to plunge into a world of fantasy and mystery that will forever remain in the hearts of all who set foot in its mysterious territory.


Please note that information about Magic Castle’s accessibility and visitation policies are subject to change. Before visiting, it is recommended to check the current information on the club’s official website.